Complete denture

These dentures are used when all natural teeth are lost after due to an accident, an illness or poor oral hygiene. It allows restoration of chewing functions, speech and aesthetics. It consists of several artificial teeth and acrylic (pink portion of the dentures).

Complete dentures can also be made when incorporating a transparent or metallic arch, a metallic mesh reinforcement or a fibre force* type reinforcement during the processing.

In addition, texture and colour may be added to the dentures to mimic natural gingivæ.


What is the process to
get my complete dentures?

5 to 6 weeks are required for fabrication.

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Dentures maintenance

Clean your dentures thoroughly with a toothbrush or denture brush and a mild toothpaste or soap.

Place your dentures in a soaking solution (Renew or Nova-dent). Follow the soaking time indicated on the container. To ensure longevity, immerse the dentures in water when not in the solution.

Clean the tongue with a soft brush or tongue scraper to remove a considerable amount of bacteria. The tongue’s texture holds bacteria in place.

It is strongly recommended to remove your dentures before sleep, especially for complete dentures, as they rest on the mucosa. To promote good blood circulation, massage your gums and palate with your thumb or a soft brush.

Read aloud and practise difficult words. Your mouth muscles will accommodate your new dentures faster.

Remember that adjustments may be required after your dentures have been placed. I’d be happy to answer your needs.

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