Denture cleaning

Denture cleaning consists of soaking dentures in a cleaning product inside a container which is then placed in an ultrasonic bath that removes stains and tartar accumulated over time. Dentures are later thoroughly brushed and polished to regain their lustre.

If the dentures are on a bar, the same cleaning method is used and the bar is removed from the mouth to clean it thoroughly. The screws are replaced to avoid them from breaking or getting stuck in the implants later. Screws are expanded inside the implants along the threads. This creates dimensional changes of the screws which makes them more fragile.

In case of nylon-based dentures, the nylon should be replaced annually to avoid premature wear of the abutments that protrude from the gum. Dentures are cleaned at the same time. In addition, abutment cleaning by a dental hygienist is recommended annually to remove tartar buildup which irritates the gums and sometimes make denture insertion more difficult.

Professional cleaning depends, to a large extent, on a patient’s oral hygiene. Annual checkup of the dentures is highly suggested.

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