Partial denture

These dentures are used when one or more teeth are missing due to an accident, disease or poor oral hygiene. It consists of one or more artificial teeth, acrylic (pink portion of the dentures), a metal framework (cobalt-chrome or titanium) with clasps that attach to the adjacent natural teeth.

The design, as well as the number of clasps and their location, are determined in the lab by dental technicians and depend on teeth morphology and the available space.

Partial dentures can be made with transparent or pink FRS-type nylon clasps, which is more aesthetic. However, these clasps are larger and harder to adjust.

Advantages of titanium :

  • Light
  • Thin
  • Biocompatible
Its characteristics allow for greater comfort and a generally faster adaptation time as first dentures.

What is the process for obtaining my partial dentures?

Fabrication time is 8 to 9 weeks.

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Dentures maintenance

Insert the partial dentures with both hands and press down before biting. *Biting the dentures to insert it may cause the clasps to break and/or loosen more quickly. For the same reasons, use both hands to remove it.

If brushing both your teeth and dentures is impossible, rinse mouth and dentures separately after each meal to keep food from sticking onto your teeth or dentures.

Clean the tongue with a soft brush or tongue scraper to remove a considerable amount of bacteria. The tongue’s texture holds bacteria in place.

Clean your dentures thoroughly with a toothbrush or denture brush and a mild toothpaste or soap.

Place your dentures in a soaking solution (Renew or Nova-dent). Follow the soaking time indicated on the container. To ensure longevity and to prevent the acrylic from drying, immerse your dentures in water when not in the solution.

It is strongly recommended to remove your dentures before sleep, especially for complete dentures, as they rest on the mucosa. To promote good blood circulation, massage your gums and palate with your thumb or a soft brush.

Read aloud and practise difficult words. Your mouth muscles will accommodate your new dentures faster.

Remember that adjustments may be required after your dentures have been placed. I’d be happy to answer your needs.

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